Advanced Regenerative Therapy with a Personal Touch

At Regenerative Medicine of Space Coast, our goal is to treat the whole patient and not just the disease. We’ve worked hard to become the number one place that you can go to get natural solutions to your pain. We offer one of a kind service and one-on-one treatment that is aimed at maximizing results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our Team | Space Coast

Providing you with the Best Care

Dr. Joseph DuPont, D.PSc

Dr. DuPont practiced as a General Surgeon in Paris, France for 30 years before retiring from surgery. He is certified in Bone Graft Procedures and has given lectures across the country about combined bone grafting and regenerative medicine. Until the age of 60, Dr. DuPont led an active lifestyle until rheumatoid and osteoarthritis kept him from doing the things he loved. Even with the best of care, traditional medicine didn't help his condition improve. Dr. DuPont then discovered regenerative medicine could treat the root-causes of his RA and OA. He now serves to educate patients of the potential of regenerative medicine.

Dr. Steven Burack DO

Dr. Steven Burack, DO

Dr. Steven Burack, DO is a physical medicine & rehabilitation specialist who has practiced throughout Florida during the last 12 years. He graduated from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine / New York Institute of Technology and specializes in physical medicine & rehabilitation and pain management.

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