Regenerative cell therapy has helped so many people get out of pain and some people say it even helped them avoid knee surgery. Get the facts. Get the truth. Discover how this may help people just like you with their knee pains too.


Hip pains from injury or the degenerative process does not mean that your only options are dangerous painkillers or surgery. Regenerative medicine is changing the game when it comes to hip pain relief. We have a caring team that stands ready to answer your question.


Shoulder pain that radiates can be debilitating. It may limit your driving or even just getting a drink of water. We understand. Whether it’s just a function of aging or an old injury, stem cells have been changing the quality of life for the better for people just like you. Will you be the next person to give us a call to learn about how so many have reduced their pain and increased their quality of life?


Back pain affects every single thing you do. Walking, sleeping, and breathing may all be painful events due to back injuries or disc issues. You’ll want the experienced professionals at our office to help you discover a possible path to get away from dangerous over-the-counter pain pills or prescription meds. You owe it to yourself to discover how stem cells may help you too.


Elbow pain that is from an injury or from tendonitis. Golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow, all types of elbow pain has responded well to stem cell therapy. Imagine if you could reach for an object without hesitating because you’re not sure if the pain will strike again. Doesn’t it just make sense to see how regenerative medicine may reduce your pain and ‘put you back into the game of life again?’


We live in a ‘screen society’ where people rely on cell phones and computers daily. Painful hands and wrists effectively reduces your options in life. Driving or even just using a handrail are challenging events. Don’t allow pain to hold you a prisoner of what you can and can’t do. Discover if regenerative medicine may help you grasp a hold of the quality of life that you deserve.


Foot and ankle pains have responded well with regenerative medicine. Even if you can reduce pain vs remove it altogether then it is a tremendously positive result because of your ability to be more mobile. Regenerative cell therapy is not a ‘pain shot’. It’s your natural, drug-free, best option to help your body turn back the hands of time. Discover if you’re a candidate.

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